About Us

It’s fair to say Camden Scott Properties is a passion project. We love to get away to the great outdoors! Take us anywhere in East Texas or Colorado, off to the coast or out in the Desert Southwest and we’re perfectly content. Our list of “happy places” includes a stay on the beach or by a lake, deep in the piney woods or up on a mountaintop. We’d spend all of our time “off the grid” if we didn’t have to make a living, but, alas, we do. So, we figured the next best thing to being off the grid is helping others get off the grid.

It all started in 2014 when we began marketing vacation rental properties for friends and family. We cut our teeth, as they say, learning the ins and outs of the business. It was obvious right away that effective online marketing was the key to success. And, for full disclosure, we must share we had a generous head start in this area. That living we have to make, referenced above? It comes from our digital marketing company, Local Leap Marketing. Since 2002, we’ve been been helping businesses connect with their customers and grow their brands through website design and search engine optimization. We realized that what we do for small businesses can greatly benefit vacation rental owners.

Vacation rental properties can be solid income producers. For many, they are a smart strategy for affording a second home, diversifying assets and/or building a retirement nest egg. They are a business, one that demands digital marketing expertise and an exceptional virtual experience in order to see success. Our Vacation Rental Marketing Services are designed to enable clients to reach their largest target market. We make sure they show up well online so renters show up at their door.

So, if you’ve got a getaway you’re looking to share and a goal of making some money in the process, we’re here to help you get there. Contact us today and let’s make it happen.